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Published Monday, September 30, 2019
Lawrence Allen & Associates represented Tesla Resellers Inc. ( Lessee)) in five year lease of more»
Published Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Lawrence Allen & Associates represented Coollid Inc. ( Lessee)) in five year lease of approximately 10,236 more»
Jocelyn Kliger

Jocelyn Kliger

Department: Management Team
Phone: 714-421-4376

Jocelyn Kliger helped form Lawrence Allen & Associates. Jocelyn built her initial career in audit accounting working for Arthur Andersen and then gravitated to the private accounting sector working for Nestle and then Marshall Industries before becoming the Director of Finance at eConnections.

After a career in public and private accounting, Jocelyn uses her vast accounting and management background to develop the property management arm of Lawrence Allen & Associates.

Jocelyn is a broker and associate IREM member. Her business background allows Lawrence Allen to create greater profitability and property stabilization for their clients.

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